About Steven Overend

A belief in service excellence, client participation, good solid communication of all forms along with a high standard of ethics and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Steven believes give top salespeople the edge.

Real estate is a vibrant industry and we need to be constantly reviewing the way things are done. Participation foremost through listening to what your clients really want and readily adapting to their needs. It comes down to engagement.

Advising responsibly, astute negotiation and dedicated focus are core skills Steven brings to every relationship he encounters. In the end it is the quality of the relationship and the trust created that will add value to the sale of your property

No matter how good your track record, you can't overlook the need to keep your approach fresh and in tune with the market and your clients.

Steven’s innovative and imaginative approach to marketing his local knowledge and determination coupled with strong administrative skills allow him to keep the focus on providing vendors and purchasers with responsive service.

“I get a lot of personal satisfaction in achieving a great result for my clients while minimising any stress or inconvenience. It’s about creating a no fear environment for both vendors and purchasers alike. It’s as simple as putting the focus on “We” not “Me”.”

Personal manners, professionalism, punctuality, reliability coupled with excellence in service and engagement have helped Steven create rewarding outcomes for his clients.